Andrea Cook Art Thérapeute


Very young, everywhere I went, I had a camera in my hand. I dreamed of becoming a marine photographer to photograph giant crabs in British Columbia, where I grew up. So, I took diving lessons! I also took flying lessons, because I was just as inspired by aerial photography. At 12, I also started to exhibit a desire for helping others: I became a peer counsellor to my classmates and two years later took part in leadership conferences related to social issues such as homelessness, prostitution and abortion among adolescents.

Then, thanks to a scholarship, I travelled to study French literature and visual arts at Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Québec. My leadership qualities, passion for photography and desire to communicate go hand in hand, complimenting each other and appearing in my career and personal history time and again. At university, I developed a photo club of which I become the president and later, I become the coordinator of a center for young people where, in part I helped create the ability for them to creatively explore themes such as sexuality without taboos or judgement. At the time, I saw great change due to the arrival of the internet: unlimited access to information and misinformation about sexuality and intimacy that created confusion that today gives more meaning than ever to my practice.

During the following decade, photography occupied a predominant place in my life. To my surprise, a young woman whom I often met when I went to have my photos developed at the pharmacy asked me one day to photograph her wedding. This contract became the first in a long series, until I founded my company, Éléphant Mauve , which specialized in family animal portraits. Success was immediate, and my company was crowned with a prize in two entrepreneurship competitions.

In 2012, I realized how visual language has always enabled me to understand the world, developing within me a deep human compassion and understanding. As I turned to art therapy, I hoped to put these artistic and human skills at the service of those in need. To become a professional, I obtained a bachelor's degree in Psychology (which complements my bachelor's degree in Modern Languages and Fine Arts) and a Master's Degree in Art Therapy. In the process, I received a prize for research that I did with young immigrant mothers during my internships. 

Today, my art therapist practice presents a reassuring space of freedom to talk about emotions, thoughts, relationships, communication, health, sexuality and intimacy. I am happy to welcome you and I feel privileged to accompany you on the path to fulfillment.


Yours truly,
Andrea Cook