Seeing and listening, an art therapy to accompany you, to the heart of your intimate self.

Why Art Therapy ?
Problems are sometimes hard to articulate, but there are other ways than words to express yourself. Every human being is gifted with creativity, you don't have to be an accomplished artist to create, everyone even expresses themselves in images as children before language!

The Art Therapist assists people in tapping into these innate creative abilities to help people identify and express their emotions, to connect emotions with the body, and explore how it connects with intimacy and sexuality. During this process, people develop coping strategies and new ways of understanding themselves and communicating with others. The creative language that each person spontaneously develops allows them to evolve towards improving their self-knowledge and broaden their consciousness. 

No artistic skills are required and everyone, regardless of their age, can benefit from art therapy.

Services Offered:

Services are offered to individuals, couples (or people in relationships) and children to support emotional and relational needs in several general areas: 

  • Mental Health
  • Relationships
  • Intimacy, sexuality
  • Pelvic health

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Andrea Cook has always been driven by the arts, creativity and the interests of others. Her professional practice as a photographer, her university research and her social projects aimed at the well-being for all, make her an accomplished art therapist. Her listening skills and welcoming presence aid in discovering emotions that allow you to leave lighter and equipped with concrete tools to transform your intimate self.

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Client rates are calculated according to a sliding scale.